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What we do matters. Why we do it and how it affects the future of our communities matters more.

We believe that businesses must address the systemic societal challenges that keep some communities from reaching their full potential.

We care equally about the work we do with our clients and investing in our team, supporting our communities, protecting the environment, and dealing fairly and ethically with vendors. And we know that our communities continue to face a widening gap between those who have access to opportunity, and those who do not. This is a clear indication that we should do more, inside and outside of our firm. We approach this challenge the same way we do each project—by identifying the root issue and executing solutions for sustainable impact. Yes, we are a business, but we are also in the business of contributing to society and helping others 


Real Estate Advisory Services

Real estate is actually an investment in people. You need to make the most of your investment, from scenario testing and workplace design through negotiations, financial structuring, physical implementation, and the ongoing occupancy stage.

We focus on each clients unique needs and situation, while drawing on decades of experience serving occupiers of various social and economic backgrounds. We are analytical, creative thinkers who bring a variety of disciplines to our work. We get to know your business goals and the unique set of key drivers and risk tolerances that affect your business. We partner with local real estate professionals , contractors and other specialists to deliver tailored solutions and decision-making tools to guide impactful real estate decisions.

We proactively support you at every stage of the process. We help you to anticipate your future needs and maximize your flexibility with innovative, often industry-defining, solutions.

Field Services

As a general overview, field service management is the system of coordinating field service operations. At the very basic level, that includes scheduling work orders, dispatching teams, tracking labor hours and job status, and invoicing the completed job. However, field service management goes even deeper, by encompassing every aspect of service delivery and managing the people and processes that make a field service business efficient. That includes operations such as:

Inspection Services

Political Campaigns Service

Installation projects and job costing

Real Estate Maintenance Services

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